Case Study - Bakery

Our customer in the baking industry had concerns about old racking throughout their facility. Selective and Push Back systems had been heavily damaged by years of forklift abuse, and space (especially in the cooler) was valuable in a land locked plant that had grown significantly. for product coming into the plant.

DSS partnered with the customer to design processes and a custom solution that achieved these objectives:

  • Handled GMA pallets the wrong way (48" x 40")
  • Maximized space utilization
  • Minimized material movements
  • Maintained 18" rat run
  • Minimized damage to product
  • Minimized damage to equipment
  • Maximized ease of use for operators
  • Maximized use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Maximized safe operations

Understanding process flow is critical to designing a system that integrated well with plant operations











After meeting with key stakeholders, plant leadership, and operators DSS identified these concerns and issues:

Working with the customer's project team, DSS facilitated the development of clear project objectives with measures and helped the plant think through what success would look like enabling them to define the standards for success.

During our time on site DSS also facilitated the development of the customer's project team selection criteria, and defined the roles that needed to be fulfilled on the project.

Project Sponsor: leader, primary executive champion

Steering Team: guidance providers, strategy consciences, change approvers, obstacle removers, white space managers

Stakeholders\Contributors: operators, production workers, voices of their function, subject matter experts - SMEs

Facilitator: DSS provided tools & experience, agendas, managed the group, and documented their work.

DSS worked with the team to develop design concepts and solutions to address the concerns and issues. Those solutions were them presented by the project team to leadership.

Above you can see what happens when storage solutions are not selected based on the process/application. When handling palletized, bagged products on a GMA pallet, be sure to consider overall product length and pallet length. Unfortunately, the condition you see above created spills in the plant, product loss, and frustration for busy operators.

DSS worked with the team to select a Push Back Cart System that fully supported pallets and provided separation of loads so bags could not get pinched during material moves inside the system.

Another area of concern was the amount of space finished product wrapping was taking up in the plant. The rolls were being stored on a selective rack with only a few beams and wasted space. DSS and the team worked to develop a cost effective solution that increased significantly increased capacity (taking a smaller footprint in the plant) and improved ergonomics for the people working the wrapping lines.

Once the project was suffuciantly defined, the project team developed a project plan that made the work to be done visible and organized so everyone in the plant could understand what had to be done, by whom, and when.

Project Management / Business Process Expertise

Complete Project Life Cycle Management

We coordinate, plan ,and schedule, in detail, the project implementation schedule, and process improvement plan. DSS applies our knowledge to transfer skills to your team while working to define and plan your project.

With your team we use a project management methodology that is scalable and provides project contributors with a common language to plan, schedule, and coordinate the activities of electrical, mechanical, network, and engineering subcontractors in a rapidly changing project environment.