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Using our DeepFlo Storage Technology is the most productive and efficient way to distribute products. With an international manufacturing base combined with engineering and project management services, DSS helps you with Pallet Flow System Selection, System Design, AS/RS Integration, On-Site Installation, DeepFlo Service and Support, Automated Storage Systems Training, and Warehouse Safety Audits.

Only DSS provides project life cycle and process management support so the pallet flow systems or custom solutions you install integrates seemlessly with your operation and is well received by your most valuable resources, the team that works with the system everyday.

deepfloDynamic Storage Systems is the leading manufacturer of dynamic warehousing.

DeepFlo Pallet Storage Systems reduce your storage costs by maximizing storage density. DSS makes gravity work for you with flow-through deep lane storage that provides first-in first-out (FIFO) product rotation.

Using a common project management process, DSS guides you and your team through project defintion, plannning, and implementation. Knowing the most beneficial projects are those that start with clear objectives developed with your team, DSS taps the knowledge and experience of our seasoned veterans along with your team of operators, engineers, maintenance technicians, and leaders to gather and apply valuable information leading to superior solutions that exceed ROI and deliver measurable results.

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DeepFlo Systems Overview

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DeepFlo System

Series 19 Order Pick

PushBak System

DeepFlo™ Pallet Flow - PROJECT OVERVIEW

A customer packages and distributes millions of eggs and space is critical. They need a flexible system that allows them additional capacity for their busy season.

Equipment Depot partnered with DSS to supply the customer with a custom mezzanine that doubled the storage capacity in their warehouse.

DeepTrak™ Case Flow - PROJECT OVERVIEW


Our customer in the health care industry has many issues with their current system. The case flow they were provided by another vendor is not able to handle their products.

They moved to a new +250,000 sq. ft. facility and required the same configuration with many enhancements.

Solution: Installedl a High Density DeepTrak Order Pick System with DeepFlo Pallet Storage.

Deepflo order pick

PushBak™ Pallet Storage - PROJECT OVERVIEW

Our customer in the baking industry had concerns. This DSS Case Study - Bakery details how systems had been heavily damaged by years of forklift abuse, and cooler space was critical for tempering product coming into the plant. DSS worked with the customer to design a custom PushBak system that achieved these objectives:

  • Handled GMA pallets the wrong way (48" x 40")
  • Maximized space utilization
  • Minimized material movements
  • Maintained 18" rat run
  • Minimized damage to product
  • Minimized damage to equipment
  • Maximized ease of use for operators
  • Maximized use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Maximized safe operations